Paul accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Paul Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Paul was challenged by is good friend, Jennifer Taylor to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to help support and bring awareness to this disease. He has in return challenged 4 other people to do the same… Paige Davis, Jillian Harris, Pat “Tuffy” Bakaitis, and Neil Sommerlatte.

What I did this summer…

Hello everyone, So wanted to give you a little insight on what I have been up to since the end of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This is my, “ WHAT I DID FOR MY SUMMER” blog. 2012, my wife Kelly and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We were married on June 12, 1992. I found this Grateful Dead tee shirt that was from their NYC, June 12, 1992 concert. Can you believe it!! The Dead played the same night in the same state we got married in. If you didn’t know, well, Kelly and me are big Dead fans. So, I got the tee shirt and framed it for […]


To anyone and everyone who has worn a blue tee-shirt and volunteered their time to help us, To those families that have been brave enough to ask for our help, To the builders that have silently made building a house in 7 days look easy, when in fact it is so very hard, To a crew of men and women that make it so easy for me to share my soul, To those of you that have help me in the middle of the night build such wonderful toys for kids of all ages and then just smile for the camera, To the so many children that have made me […]

Pocatella, Idaho

Every week I am part of building a house and there is a moment in that week that defines it, that tells a story all in itself. Sometimes if I am really lucky there will be a moment that defines part of who I am too. I had such a week…such a moment in Pocatello, Idaho. We built a wonderful house for the Marshall-Spreier family, a family of 9 and Betsy the dog. The family’s story is they lost their house to an electrical fire, so they have been living in their backyard and a trailer. Also, mom is a cancer survivor. The Marshall-Sperier family is beautiful family that makes […]

John P. DiMeo

It’s been 2 months since my dad died, and even as I say that… as I type it, I find it hard to believe. It’s just that it is so final. It was a wonderful death if that is possible. Dad died in the arms of the woman he loved so very much, he’s wife of 61 yrs, in their own bed as he slept. That is what I mean by a wonderful death. I believe that is the way we would all like to go. I just want to share with all of you a few stories about my father because I am so proud if the life he […]

Lexington, NC

I’m flying home from Lexington North Carolina and I am watching Meryl Streep in the role of Julie Childs. I think that Ms. Streep would have been or could be a wonderful designer. Ms. Streep knows a lot about details and it is in the details I think that we find ourselves. It’s the little things that we do that tell others, show others, and allow others to see who are. Theresa Christie is a schoolteacher. She was teacher of the year. She has 3 children and a wonderful husband. Theresa also has stage 4 cancer. Its in her colon and has spread to other parts of her body. She […]

Just got back from Miami County, Indiana…

Just got back from Miami County, Indiana. Hallmark Homes built a beautiful house for the Cowen-Brown Family. We went there because of their 12yr old daughter Kori (that’s I-ROK backwards) she suffers from an immune deficiency disease. Their home was a mess with mold and other problems that not only put Kori in the hospital but two of her brothers. Kori has had about 17 operations to remove polyps from her sinuses and throat. A few years back while Kori was at the hospital she met a little girl Alyssa who had leukemia. We had Alyssa with us all week long; she has been in remission for 4 yrs and […]

St. Paul, Minnesota

Just got back from St. Paul, Minnesota… I seem to say each week how wonderful it was to be part of a project so cool, but this week was especially great because I got to be part of a story with some very old friends. We all know what its like when we get together with old friends, you just pick up where you last left off. This week our special guests were the Muppets and Sam Champion from Good Morning America. Sam was very cool, and to see him do his job is amazing. If you think what he does is easy, think again. His show is done “Live” […]

Lena, Illinois

Flying back to LA after bringing the Stott family back to their new home. It’s a beautiful farmhouse out on Route 20 outside of Lena, Illinois. Lena is a small farming town about 2 hours west of Chicago and its beautiful. Farm after farm with some growing corn, some growing soy. The one right across the highway from our build was a dairy farm. Adam the dairy farmer gave me a tour. It was very cool. Saw big cows, little cows, farm cats, and all kinds of animals. I think I would like to be a farmer when I grow up. This is a special story about a woman needing […]

Prince George County, MD

Had a great week in Prince George’s County, Maryland building a house for the Tripp family and a school in the northeast section of Washington D.C. This is to date the largest build we have done. The Tripp’s house was about 2800 sq ft. and the school was 6200 sq ft. So a grand total of the two was about 9000 sq ft. In the future I would just want to be part of one of them. Each build, the house and the school deserve complete devotion. It just spreads you to thin. That aside let me tell you about the school. It’s called the “Fishing School” yet it has […]