To anyone and everyone who has worn a blue tee-shirt and volunteered their time to help us,
To those families that have been brave enough to ask for our help,
To the builders that have silently made building a house in 7 days look easy, when in fact it is so very hard,
To a crew of men and women that make it so easy for me to share my soul,
To those of you that have help me in the middle of the night build such wonderful toys for kids of all ages and then just smile for the camera,
To the so many children that have made me laugh with their uncensored truth,
To Mr. T and Jewel, Ray Allen and Stevie Wonder and all you wonderful folks that have helped us tell a story,
To Nancy Hadley and all the artists that have transformed what was built into a work of art.
But mostly to Kelly, my wife for building a home for me to come home to when it was all over.
I thank you all,
A very humbled Paulie