Lena, Illinois

Flying back to LA after bringing the Stott family back to their new home.

It’s a beautiful farmhouse out on Route 20 outside of Lena, Illinois. Lena is a small farming town about 2 hours west of Chicago and its beautiful. Farm after farm with some growing corn, some growing soy. The one right across the highway from our build was a dairy farm. Adam the dairy farmer gave me a tour. It was very cool. Saw big cows, little cows, farm cats, and all kinds of animals.

I think I would like to be a farmer when I grow up.

This is a special story about a woman needing a bone marrow transplant and getting help from a stranger, a man by the name of Tom Wilhelm. Tom donated his bone marrow in 2004 outside of Denver and it saved the life of a mother with leukemia in Lena Illinois, and that’s all I’ll say about that.
You’ll have to watch the show to get the rest of the story. It’s a great one.

Celebrities have been coming out during the builds to help us out, and this week it was David Duchovny. (You all know him from “X Files and Californication”) David was great, a lot of fun and eager to learn. And in the end really helped me with my project. That’s really all you want.

Our builder this week was Rick Hasken. Rick and his team were amazing.

We had such great folks working with us all week… there was Todd the electrician, Gary “Guarantee” our roofer, Uncle Dave, Uncle Doug, they were Lauren’s Uncles. Lauren really helped me out this week with my big project. Thank you Lauren. Anthony was one of the leads on the build and he was so much fun to work with he was always smiling. He was like finding a lost friend, he just made me laugh. I will miss him.

All in all it was a great week.

The folks in the Midwest are some of the hardest workers I have ever come across.

OH YEA! And some of the friendliest!