Pocatella, Idaho

Every week I am part of building a house and there is a moment in that week that defines it, that tells a story all in itself. Sometimes if I am really lucky there will be a moment that defines part of who I am too. I had such a week…such a moment in Pocatello, Idaho.

We built a wonderful house for the Marshall-Spreier family, a family of 9 and Betsy the dog. The family’s story is they lost their house to an electrical fire, so they have been living in their backyard and a trailer. Also, mom is a cancer survivor.

The Marshall-Sperier family is beautiful family that makes music a very big part of their lives. One if the children plays the cello, and plays it very well. A student of music.

Granted it has been a very emotional summer for me, with losing my dad. Maybe because music was such a big part of my life growing up and my family also lost a home to a fire, once again I was a weeping fool.

Anyway, there were some great people that came out to help us this week. First person I would like to mention is Bill Townsend, Bill started a foundation called “The Amadi Foundation”. This foundation finds musical instruments and gets them into the hands of kids that would not have the means to get such an instrument.

Pocatella, IdahoThen in comes a guy by the name of Chris Dungee. Chris is a cello maker and he just happens to live in Pocatello. You get the idea. It’s great when things come together like that. What was really great was that Chris belonged to this band and we had a chance to play with them on stage in front of 1,500 screaming fans. I felt like I was Bruce Springsteen.

It was a great week.

Thank you Rockwell Homes and thank you Pocatello, Idaho!