‘‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Goes Out With a Bang in Tornado-torn Joplin, Missouri”

“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” is hanging up its hammer with its biggest build ever — a seven-family neighborhood in tornado-torn Joplin, Mo. Tomorrow night, the ABC series that’s built more than 200 new homes, and changed thousands of lives for the better, ends its nine-season run by building seven houses in just seven days. “For all of us that were there, Joplin was life-changing,” says series designer Paul DiMeo while rattling off stats including the 13,000 volunteers and 21 builders that flocked to Joplin to work on the houses last November, right before Thanksgiving. “To be doing this for nine years, to end on that note, is something that I’ll […]

How an unemployed carpenter became a reality TV star

Carpenter Paul DiMeo shines as a minor celebrity who uses major craftsmanship to create hope on the reality TV show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition I needed to eat I’m reluctant to call myself a star and prefer the moniker “Minor Celebrity.” And in my case, “Minor, Minor Celebrity.” And a lucky one at that. It all began for me back in college where I majored in theater with the hope of acting in dramas and musicals on and off Broadway. Television was always an option, but I like live theater; I get energy from the audience. So I went to New York after college, hustling audition after audition, and quickly […]

‘Extreme Makeover’ star Paul DiMeo: Obama wants us to be ‘un- lazy’

Paul DiMeo, a homebuilder and the star of ABC’s Emmy-award winning reality show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” says President Obama faces a huge task: trying to make Americans less lazy. During a visit to Washington on Tuesday to accept an award from the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), DiMeo told ITK, “Americans can be very, very lazy, and I think a lot of what [Obama] is trying to do, whether it’s [telling people to] turn off light bulbs or take better care of their health, is that he wants us to be un-lazy.” While the star is admittedly a big Obama fan, he’s not ready to be placed in the […]

Pocatella, Idaho

Every week I am part of building a house and there is a moment in that week that defines it, that tells a story all in itself. Sometimes if I am really lucky there will be a moment that defines part of who I am too. I had such a week…such a moment in Pocatello, Idaho. We built a wonderful house for the Marshall-Spreier family, a family of 9 and Betsy the dog. The family’s story is they lost their house to an electrical fire, so they have been living in their backyard and a trailer. Also, mom is a cancer survivor. The Marshall-Sperier family is beautiful family that makes […]

Season 7… that’s a wrap!

Well that’s it for Season 7. Did we ever have some great moments. First I want to thank someone special that helped us out… Jessica Alba, she was wonderful. Having her there in Kemah, Texas for the Beach family was a perfect fit. Like Tracy, Jessica is a mom so we get a moms’ perspective. What comes with that is compassion, duty, and a mother’s nature that you only get from a Mom. Jessica’s willingness to help was matched by none, anything asked of her she was willing to try. From welding to sewing, she would just jump in. That is really all we can ask of our guests that […]

Paul DiMeo: The people’s carpenter

You know Paul DiMeo as the caring carpenter and designer from television’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” This week, he’ll be an in-town expert, dispensing advice to those at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show. We caught up with him by phone for a glimpse of the man behind the makeovers. Q Why do you call Minneapolis-St. Paul one of your favorite places in the world? A We’ve done some wonderful builds there. My best buddy, Gary Brown, is from Minnetonka. We were builders together, starting out — finish carpenters in the Hollywood hills; the rich and famous were our clientele. He used to speak so highly of Minnesota. It’s true […]

The recession slammed ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ production

  Wallet Pop Interview With Paul – February You aren’t the only one feeling the pinch. In an exclusive interview with WalletPop’s Jason Cochran, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s resident carpenter, Paul DiMeo, reports that the tough times have hit his popular ABC show, too. One of the first things to change was the size of the homes. In years past, families would be bestowed with homes that felt more like mansions, with scads of square footage and amenities such as new swimming pools. The taxman and the maintenance bills can prove too onerous for families to cope with, so that’s a thing of the past, and homes are now built […]

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s Paul DiMeo to Appear at the Indianapolis Home Show on Saturday, February 6

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s Paul DiMeo to Appear at the Indianapolis Home Show Answers questions about Extreme Makeover, Remodeling & Central Indiana ahead of appearance on Saturday, February 6 Indianapolis, Ind. – Best known as the carpenter with attitude on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” Paul DiMeo is also an established actor, a man’s man and the first to cry on this hit show. With boundless warmth and his genuine nature, DiMeo is particularly renowned for his imaginative work on children’s bedrooms. He also pioneered the Loft Living project, working on the renovation of lofts and brownstones, and as master carpenter, renovated the Landmark Brownstone of Aaron Burr. DiMeo will appear […]

Lexington, NC

I’m flying home from Lexington North Carolina and I am watching Meryl Streep in the role of Julie Childs. I think that Ms. Streep would have been or could be a wonderful designer. Ms. Streep knows a lot about details and it is in the details I think that we find ourselves. It’s the little things that we do that tell others, show others, and allow others to see who are. Theresa Christie is a schoolteacher. She was teacher of the year. She has 3 children and a wonderful husband. Theresa also has stage 4 cancer. Its in her colon and has spread to other parts of her body. She […]

‘Extreme Makeover’ star hopes to see show go global

‘Makeover’ star Paul DiMeo learned early that relationships are what matter most He shot hoops with the Indiana Pacers, gave a weather forecast on a local TV station and visited cancer patients at Riley Hospital for Children. Paul DiMeo, a carpenter and designer with ABC TV’s “Extreme Makeover Home Edition,” is no stranger to Indiana. After two Hoosier home builds in the past year, he returns to Indiana on Feb. 6 for an appearance at the Indianapolis Home Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. “We’ve had two wonderful stories in Indiana and made some wonderful friends with builders, families and volunteers. The weather was tough on the last one, but […]