Season 7… that’s a wrap!

Callie London and Paul DiMeoWell that’s it for Season 7. Did we ever have some great moments.

First I want to thank someone special that helped us out… Jessica Alba, she was wonderful. Having her there in Kemah, Texas for the Beach family was a perfect fit. Like Tracy, Jessica is a mom so we get a moms’ perspective. What comes with that is compassion, duty, and a mother’s nature that you only get from a Mom. Jessica’s willingness to help was matched by none, anything asked of her she was willing to try. From welding to sewing, she would just jump in. That is really all we can ask of our guests that come out to help us out. If it’s a day or a week its so great having them there to make us laugh, make us cry, and how great they are with all the volunteers. Just imagine you are part of a group of carpenters siding a house and next to you with a nail gun is Jessica Alba…That pretty cool! I don’t need to write about how pretty she is, all I will say is, “she is even nicer and sweeter than she is pretty” just a great lady.

The Beach family is amazing. They have adopted 9 children. Just think how that helps not just the children, but also all of us. Just amazing!
Since the time we were there building their home to the time that the episode aired, their youngest Mercy died of the disease she had. The Beach’s knew that in time that would happen but it did not stop them from adopting her and making her time her in this would as good as it could be.

Then it was off to the Oklahoma to be with the Starkweather family and Simmons Home. Greg Simmons and Pete Kourtis two of my favorite guys in the world. What a week!!! Snow, rain, sleet, hail… you name it, we had it all.

We all so had a special guest on this show… her name is Callie London. She is 11 yrs old from just outside of Salt Lake City. She is a “Make A Wish” kid. Callie has Cysticphbrosis and her wish was to come and help the team design a house. I became fast friends with Callie. She took none of my #%&$ and we are both fans of Taylor Swift… well who isn’t? Callie and I got to design a room for the Hero of our week Ethan Starkweather. All I can say about this week is that its again one of my favorite. Callie made it all the more special. I have a friend forever.

Just a side note… about a month after the build in Oklahoma I had the good fortune to head up to Salt Lake with Kelly (my wife) to a fundraiser for the Salt Lake City chapter of Make-a-Wish. We got all dressed up and Callie and I were part of raising more than $250,000.00. That was a great night. That’s one of those “Great Moments” I was talking about.

Back to the Starkweathers just for a moment. The last moments we had with them before we jumped back on the bus and left them in their new home Sheryl Crow and Miranda Lambert showed up and sang for all of us. I have always been a big fan of Sheryl but what a great surprise hearing Miranda. I had heard of her but she really blew me away. What a voice. The song she sang was just beautiful. I now am also a big Miranda fan.

There was a moment at the end when Sheryl and Miranda were singing that brought Ethan to his feet and he started dancing with Paige. It was another one of those moments. So much happen that week that I am sorry to say the show will never do it justice.

You all be well!