West Chester, Ohio

Tonight airs the 2nd build of the season.

I believe it is one of the best rooms I have ever done, of course with a lot of help. I had the good fortune to work with a great muralist – her name is Andrea Frangiosa. Andrea and her team helped me make my room come to life.

The room was so great I asked Andrea and Beth (one of her assistants) to help me out with the rooms for 3 boys when we were shooting in Toledo, Ohio. I can’t tell all of you how wonderful it is to be able to travel around the country and meet folks like Andrea. As wonderful it is to meet the families that we build homes for, the time we get to spend in their company is very little, but the time we get to spend with the locale men, women, and children is great. (I just hope the people helping me don’t get sick of me asking for their help.)

If you need a muralist here is the number to Andrea’s gallery…
Created Illusions by Andrea Frangiosa – 513-871-1222.

I know that I have written about this before but it is so important to me to be able to thank them. To Patrick Morningstar, Aaron Scotts, Richard and Ashley and all those who have given their time to help me make rooms that begin with an idea and end with a child coming home to one of their dreams I thank you. It truly is the best part of my week! But then everyone that has helped me knows that.

Back to West Chester, Ohio. We wanted to build a Cincinnati Reds room for Christian, the only boy in the Akyers family. Christian is a big fan of the Reds.
The help I received from the Cincinnati Reds organization was unbelievable! I went down to the Great American Ballpark and got to live out a dream that I think every lover of baseball has. The coolest thing was that they let me throw out the first pitch at a game. It just does not get any better than that.

Scott Dallis of Dallis Homes was our builder for this week. I have become good friends with Scott. He is the silent warrior type. He also is a big Ohio State fan and me being a big Penn State fan will make for some fun texts this fall. Can’t thank Dallis Homes enough for all they did.

Until next time.