Start of a New Season

Who would of ever thought that we would be having a 6th season.

We are under new direction this year and I am very excited to get started.

For the last two years our goal was to build one home in each of the fifty states. This year we will build homes for heroes. All different types of heroes.

We begin our 6th season in Poolesville, Maryland. A great little town about 40 miles north of Washington D.C.

I am writing this blog the day after we “Move that Bus” so the last seven days are very fresh in my mind.

With the help of Classic Homes of Maryland we built a home for a family of 15. That’s right 15! Fourteen children and a wonderful mother, her name is Felicia Jackson. Felicia made a promise to her sister Cassandra that if anything were to happen to her that she would take care of her children. Felicia stayed true to her promise and now is raising 14 children that ages range from 5- 19. Four children of her own and ten that were her sisters. The Jackson’s were living in 3 hotel rooms. For me to tell you more would be giving away to much of the story, so you are going to have to wait for the show to air.

The help I received this week came from Patrick Morningstar and his family. Now Patrick was just stopping by the build sight to drop off some wire for the welder that we have. He asked me if there was anything else he could do. I have always been one to ask for help when I need it and I really needed it. I had 4 beds to build and some other things.

In the end Patrick canceled his camping vacation with his family to help me build the 4 beds for the youngest Jackson’s. I can’t thank Patrick and his 13-year-old son Kyle enough. Their generosity is what this show is all about. I only wish I could pack him on the bus and put him to work when we arrive at our next destination.

I have a friend forever.