Live With What You Love, Slice, March 2012

If you’ve been a fan of ABC’s hit series, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” you’re familiar with the urge to reach into the screen and hug its co-star, Paul DiMeo, whose human compassion, emotion and sense of humor have endeared him to millions of fans for the past nine seasons as the show’s rugged carpenter with a tender heart of gold. Despite being one fo America’s most recognizable TV celebrities, DiMeo personifies the genuine, “regular guy” that resonates so clearly with his fans. During the hour we spent on the phone together, DiMeo spoke candidly about his family and his childhood as he did about his plans for the future, as this season marks the conclusion of “EM:HE.”

DiMeo is such a regular guy, in fact, that the last 15 minutes of our conversation took place on speakerphone. “It’s Friday,” he said, “My job is to wash the sheets – do you mind if we talk on speaker while I get these off the bed and into the washer?”

Not at all.

Live With What You Love, Slice, March 2012.
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