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The recession slammed ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ production

  Wallet Pop Interview With Paul – February You aren’t the only one feeling the pinch. In an exclusive interview with WalletPop’s Jason Cochran, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s resident carpenter, Paul DiMeo, reports that the tough times have hit his popular ABC show, too. One of the first things to change was the size of the homes. In years past, families would be bestowed with homes that felt more like mansions, with scads of square footage and amenities such as new swimming pools. The taxman and the maintenance bills can prove too onerous for families to cope with, so that’s a thing of the past, and homes are now built […]

Redo the Kitchen First

  Wallet Pop Interview With Paul – October Paul DiMeo is the staff carpenter on ABC’s long-running tearjerker real estate hit Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and he knows a little something about building cool stuff in a crunch. For seven seasons now, he’s swept into the lives of needy or deserving American families and granted them the gift of their lives: a whole new house in a week. This Sunday, DiMeo and the crew on the bus pull into Texas, where they help a family who moved into a fixer-upper, intending to renovate it, when disaster struck. Unable to afford a change, they were stuck with a real estate lemon. […]